Classmates at the 2016 Reunion

          Man! Look at all that food!                                                                           Bernard Cothern and Phillis Taylor digging into all those deserts.

What a beautiful place to have our reunion. Our many thanks to the Big Tygart United Methodist Church for allowing us to use their facilities!

Carl Taylor and Dave Johnson, Shady Hill 1953                                                          Barbara Mills (Thompson), Janice Moore (Bargeloh), Dean Thompson

Bernice Riggs, Edsel Hart, Dave Bargeloh                                                          Laken Casto, Gene Cooper, Larry McDonald, Gene Duckworth

Janice Moore, Pat & Gary Parson, Carol & Jim Martin, Lakin Casto                                                          Russell Moore, Jim Forshey, John & Linda Bargeloh

Lillian Bargeloh, Phillis Taylor                                                                                                                   Bob George

Gary & Pat Parson                                                                                                                   Sarah Forshey, Dave Bargeloh, Dave Johnson

Bernard Cothern, Janie Gorrell, Kathryn Mills, Pat McDonald, Juanita Mills                                       Kathryn Mills, Janie Gorrell, Bernard Cothern, Bazil Dye, Lewis & Juanita Mills

Anita Emerich, Esther Rake, Theresa Rake, Pauline Cline                                                                                                                   Ted Dille, Ed Dye                                      

Delbert Daggett                                                                                                                   Bazil Dye, Lewis & Juanita Mills