1958 Class Photos

In the fall of 1957 in downtown Parkersburg this is a picture of our homecoming float.

Ted Cundiff leading the band up Juliana St. You can see the old Dudley's Florist.


Class of 1957 and 1958 Junior-Senior Boat Ride in the spring of 1957

Notice how everyone is dressed and the boys peg paints. Dave Johnson is leaning on the rail looking at the water in the middle picture and Robert Lowe and Larry McConaha are in the last picture


The basketball and football pictures are of the 1962 class.

PHS Review!

Class Room Photo's!

                                 Paul Hopkins and Ed Litman                                                                                                                                         Sam Hammett and Melvin Frashier

                                                                                            Larry Leeson                                                                                                            Students outside the Senior Doors in the spring of 1957.

1957 Class Commencement