Reunion Photos

2013 55th Reunion

Friday at Buzzie's

Reunion Cake                                                                                         Chef Buzzie

Preparing Dinner                                                                                              Chef Dick Sutton

Chef Dick and Chef Jim Wigal                                                          Uhm, Look at those stakes!

Just waiting on Dinner                                                                              Chow Line

Mary Grace Deem & Pearl Duckworth                                                 Char & Ted Cundiff

Larry Keith & Jim Thompson                                                               Fred Lambert

Danny Crawford                                                     Jean Fought, Jim & Faith Bell

Harold & Pat (Dunlap) Freshwater                                                     Orr Lee Overby & Her sister Deloris

Amy & Charles Marlow                                                                                ?...?...Howard West

Susan Crawford                                                                           John Hefner & Pat Wilson

Dave & Jean (Fought) Whisenant                                                              Bill Rhodes & Pat Dunlap

Marilyn Miller, Wayne Owens, Lois Azinger                                        Tony & Beverly (Graham) Lamb & Mary Thomas     

Bob Buchanan                                                          Deloris Cooper & Susie Williams

Susan Henthorne & Gloria Herlinger                                              Joan Cain, Dick Sutton, Margorie Tice

Joan Cain, Jim Horner, Sandra Lee Smith                                                        David Trembly & Gary Henthorne

Ed Litman & Howard West                                                                   Martha & David Hockenberry

                        Tom Hathaway, Jack Bradshaw, Harold Yglesias, Nancy Gant                                          Linda Ross                      

                                       Ron Wines, Bard Wolfe, Larry Keith                                                       Carolyn Davis & Husband Joe Felker                      

                                                              Buzzie                                                                                     Larry Leeson & Bard Wolfe

                                                                         Judi & Gary Holcomb                                    Jim & Annetta Thompson

Dave Johnson & Rhonda Stone

Saturday Night at the Country Club

Buzzie & Tom Butterfield                                                        Marlene Reed, Wink & Dick Sutton

Myrna & Paul Wigal                                                                                        Ron McIntosh

                      Chow Line                                                            Wayne Owens, Chuck Eddie, John Pfalzgraf

Deloris Cooper & Bud Cronin                                                            John Pfalzgraf

Larry Keith                                                  Jim Horner

John & Toby Pfalzgraf                                                                                          Marjorie Tice

Linda Ross, Marlene Reed, Beverly Lamb, Joyce Hill

Thanks to Carolyn Davis for the following Pictures!

Joan Cain & Linda Ross                                         Kay Duffield, Judith Mattern, Jane Fought

Judith Mattern, Jane Fought, Kay Duffield                                Kay Duffield, Beverly Graham, Susan Crawford, & Joan Cain

Susan Crawford, Beverly Graham                                                              ?? & Judith Mattern

                              Linda Ross                                                    Dick Sutton, Jim Wigal, Jamie Snider, Myrna Snider's brother

Getting in line for prayer before dinner, or maybe to play Red Rover!

Susie Williams                                                                                 Nancy Buchanan

More from Saturday Night

                                      Dick Sutton's wife, Wink                           Harold Yglesias & wife Sue Dulaney, Darrell & Jo Ann Gates

        Patti & Gordon Pfalzgraf, Harold Yglesias & wife Sue Dulaney,           Janet McFarland, Dave Johnson, Janet's husband
                         Darrell & Jo Ann Gates

                                Tom & Nina Buterfield                            Keith & Karen Rippeto, Susie Williams, Herb Lenox, Deloris Cooper

                                                Mick & Lynn Staton                                                                       Marg & Bard Woff, Mick Staton

                                      Steve & Pat Workman                                 Carolyn Davis, Janet McCutcheon, Sandra Smith, Ruth Holleron

                                      Orr Leigh Overby & sister Deloris                                                                                 Larry Keith

                                      Lowel Pugh, Ron McIntosh, Joan Cain                                                 Kay McCutchen, Linda Ross, Beverly Graham

                                                Ed Litman, Jim Horner                                                                                 Dike & Judy Goff

                                      Marjorie & Bard Wolfe                                                                 Roan Parsons & husband Larry Wilson

Uncle Doofus-Tom Butterfield                                                                                Kay Duffield, Pat Wilson