2014 Picnic

2014 Annual Picnic

There were 25 classmates that gathered at Buzzie Dils's place on the river and enjoyed a fabulous dinner and enjoyed sitting around sharing with each other. It was a bit humid but cooled off as the evening progressed.

                                      Kay Duffield                                                                       Larry & Pat McDonald

       Deloris Cooper, Fred Lambert, Buzzie Dils, Bud Cronin, Dave Trembly                                   BJ Hathaway, Patti Pfalzgraf

                                        Gordon Pfalzgraf                                                                   Gloria Trembly, Pat Freshwater

                        BJ Hathaway, Patti Pfalzgraf                                                                   Dave Trembly, Buzzie Dils, Bud Cronin

                Roger Emerick, Gloria Zimmerman, Dave Johnson                        Tom Hathaway, Gordon Pfalzgraf, Dave Johnson