2011 Ballgame & Picnic


The class reunion committee invites you to join us Friday, Sept. 14, 2011 at the PHS/Huntington football game and after the game at the River City restaurant for a time of fellowship. We will meet on the PHS side toward the scoreboard at the 30 to 40 yard line. Huntington beat us last year in Huntington so this should be a great ballgame.


Then on Saturday, Sept. 15, 2012 at 4 PM will meet at Buzzie Dils place on the river behind Wal Mart for a covered dish dinner. Bring a covered dish and your own utensils and whatever you want to drink.


As you can see in the pictures below a good time was had by all who attended last years ballgame and picnic.


2011 Picnic

At The PHS/Marietta Football Game

After the ball game at River City Restaurant

Dick Sutton, Clayon Carpenter, Bard Wolfe Marg Wolf, Willa Owens, Wayne Owens, Gary Holcomb         Dave Snyder, Orr Leigh Overby's sister, Deloris Oliver, Orr Lee Overby, Herb Lenox, Rhonda Stone

Clayon, Wayne, Bard, Willa                                                                             Marg Wolf, Willa, Wayne, Herb Lenox

Relaxing Saturday at Buzzie Dils Riverside Park

Dave Johnson, Fred & Sharon Lambert                 Marvin & Nancy Sams, Dave Johnson

Dick Sutton, Marg & Bart Wolfe, Dave                                                                                                       Dave, Gloria (Herlinger) & David Trembly

                   Dave Johnson & Rhonda Stone                                                                                     Deloris Cooper, Orr Leigh Overby

Gary Holcomb, Rhonda Stone, Dr. Joe Woofter, Barbara Malcomb, Judi Holcomb                                                             Anita & Roger Emerick, Clayon Carpenter

Willa & Wayne Owens, Marg Wolf